Viewer comments about our “Midsummer Night’s Dream” DVD

“Filled with fun, romance and mischief. The superb acting and the director’s skilful framing of nature virtually moves the viewers into a world of fairies, royalty and romance.”—Adriana

“A quirky and offbeat but always illuminating film version of Shakespeare’s play. . . . visuals are consistently inventive . . . The film’s soundtrack, a specially composed score by Joseph Rivers . . .[ is] notably successful . . .”—Prof. Mark Thornton Burnett

“It’s filmed in the wilderness, which offered some beautiful shots.”—Shakespeare, William

“It demonstrates how craft, imagination, skill and patience can work magic from almost nothing . . . Time and again the story rises to a magical plane – notably in the Fairies’ Lullaby, in Bottom’s transformation and his capture by Titania, Oberon’s lair, Titania’s fury, the somnambulistic dance of those two . . . It burrows in caves, clings to cliffsides, dances in forests.”—Michael M

“A fun movie with excellent acting. I would recommend this movie to any Shakespeare lover.”—Joanne Schubert

“Will make you marvel at the richness of his homespun production and wonder why conventional films are so conservative. There is so much more texture that could be explored that most directors, in their slavish thrall to narrative, simply ignore.”—Brian VT

“It includes virtually all of Shakespeare’s words, which is why it runs about an hour longer than most other productions.”—Bruce W. Marold

“Very funny and cute. The girls adored it, because it had fairies and such. It will entertain all of your family…not only the kids.”—GoodJuju

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